MIRACLES! Jesus Still ___________ (part 4)

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JESUS STILL_____________
Part 4

Hebrews 13:8

•    Miracles are not for someday; they are for now.  
•    Miracles are not for yesterday; they are for today.   
•    Miracles are not for someone else; they are for you.
•    Miracles are God’s supernatural power to intervene in a situation and turn the outcome around.  
•    Miracles are when God does the impossible and unexplainable things that have been labeled hopeless and helpless.
•    Miracles are when God does things I can’t do, does things I need Him to do, and does things only He can do.

(Mark 9:23, Matthew 19:6, Genesis 18:14, Luke 1:37 AMP)

I believe in miracles:

   1. Because the Bible is God’s recorded book of miracles.  If you take the miracles out of the
    Bible, then our faith, our beliefs, and the Bible is a sterile manuscript.
   2. Because I’m a miracle.
   3. Because I know of other miracles.

I.  (Mark 2:1-12)  Jesus performed five categories of miracles.
 A.  Miracles of healing.
 B.  Miracles over nature.
 C.  Miracles over demons.
 D.  Miracles of provision.
 E.  Miracles of protection.

II.  Things we can learn:
A.  (Verse 9)  You must not think it’s easier  or harder for Jesus to do one thing versus another thing in your life.
 1.  We put limits on Jesus based on the size of the problem, our mindsets, and our experiences.  
 2.  It’s the same power to do one thing or another.
B.  (Verse 5)  You must put yourself in alignment and get out of unalignment for your miracle to happen.

 1.  Out of alignment looks like:

•    Fear
•    Doubt
•    Unbelief
•    Sin
•    Unforgiveness
•    Disobedience
 2.  Get the sin out and get the faith in.

C. (Verses 2, 4) You must not let the obstacles stop you, but be persistent to breakthrough and receive.  
 1.  Obstacles look like disappointments, delays, and the devil’s lies.  
 2.  Stay doing until, not uptil.
D.  (Verse 11) You must do something with your miracle.  
 1.  Many people have received  miracles from God but have forgotten to thank Him, praise Him (Luke 18:43), serve Him, and follow Him (Luke 8:3).
 2.  Change and live differently; go help someone who needs a miracle, share your testimony, stay in faith, and fulfill your promise.

What do you tell someone who is asking, “does God heal everyone?”
In conclusion:
Let’s not forget the greatest miracle is the miracle of salvation; being translated into the kingdom of life from the kingdom of darkness.  It’s being saved from the judgment of my sins, and going to live in Heaven when I die, forever.

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