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John 3:16
Notice what it didn’t say, God so loved the church.  Jesus loves the world not the world systems methods, lifestyles, and ways.  (James 4:4, Romans 12:2, 1 John 2:15)
I love the world as much as Jesus loves the world.  This world He so loved that He died for, sacrificed for, suffered for, and bled for.
I.  (Luke 15:1, 2, Mathew 11:9, 9:20, Luke 19:7)  What is the world that Jesus so loved?
  A. Sinners
  B. Drunks
  C. Addicts
  D. Victims
  E. Prostitutes
  F. Thieves
     ➢ Would you welcome them to church?
     ➢ Do we detest time and despise them or do we pursue them, seek them, and look for them?
II.  Jesus was a friend to sinners.
  A.  (John 2)  Christian wedding
  B.  (Luke 19:1)  Zacchaeus
  C.  (John 4:17)  Woman at the well
  D.  (John 8:11) Woman caught in adultery
  E.  (Acts 9:1) Murder/Saul
III. (Luke 5:27)  A guy name Levi (sinners).
  A.  Jesus is intentional and purposeful not accidentally
  B.  (Luke 14:21)  Jesus not being an avoider.
  C.  Jesus teaches me before you try to change them, judge them or correct them, love them.
  D.  What is the difference between us and them?
  E.  See pass the exterior/front.
  F.  Jesus is teaching us it is possible to hang around sinners but not sin.  Do we really believe we are more contagious than them?
  G.  Do we believe it’s possible to not condemn but not condone?
  H.  (John 3:16-17)  It is not loving them for the sake of loving with purpose.
I. Not everyone will believe, accept, or follow .  But never stop trying, attempting, and giving your best.
In Conclusion:
Go find someone in the world and love them to leave.

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