Take Out The Trash

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Take Out the Trash

1 Peter 5:6-7, Psalm 55:22

Today, what is consuming you?  Could that be trash?  What is stressing you out? Could that be trash?  What is robbing you of your peace of mind?  Could that be trash?

  I.  Trash is to be thrown out.

       A.  What happens if you don’t trash (cares, burdens, anxiety) or throw away (cast)?

             1.  Messy, clutter

             2.  Stench

             3.  Bugs and pests are attracted

             4.  Promotes disease and illness

              5.  Restrict freedom, limit liberty

              6.  Distraction

              7.  Unattractive, embarrassment

B.  What does trash (cares) look like?

             1.  Burdens

             2.  Battles

             3.  Busyness

             4.  Concern

             5.  Questions

             6.  Trouble

             7.  Worry

             8.  Fear

             9.  Sickness

           10.  Sin

           11.  Hurts

           12.  Disappointments

           13.  Failure

           14.  Past

           15.  Future

           16.  Family

           17.  Finances

           18.  Weaknesses

       C.  Bible says in 1 Peter 5:7 and Psalm 55:22 to cast our cares or burdens.

            1.  Cast it…

  • Throw it – violent action
  • Heave it – great force
  • Toss it – as hard as you can
  • Hurl it – as hard as you can
  • Thrust it – as hard as you can
  • Push it away – as far as you can
  • Remove it, not passively

      D.  We need to be:

            1.  Casters versus carriers

            2.  Carefree versus caretakers

            3.  Weight shifters versus overweight

            4.  Quick casters versus delayed casters

            5.  Let God handle it or hand it over versus being a handler

     E.  Why cast?  Text teaches:

           1.  Jesus wants it, asked for it.

           2.  He is able and capable of handling it.

           3.  You are not made to handle it.

           4.  It’s a weapon, device, or fiery dart.

           5.  He cares for you.  He wants to take care of you.

           6.  Rob you of your belief, faith, and trust.

           7.  Keeps pride out.

II. Three examples of casting your cares:

    A.  (Acts 27:18)  Paul’s example: When you are in a storm, throw unnecessary cargo


    B.  (Psalm 131:1-3)  David’s example of casting cares on the Lord by trusting God for the


    C.  (Matthew 26:37)  Jesus’ example:

          1.  Garden of Gethsemane

          2.  (Matthew 14:12-13)  When Jesus is grieving John’s death.

          3.  (John 11:42)  Lazarus, Jesus’ friend.

          4.  (Luke 23:46)  Jesus on the cross.

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